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European Development has put the improvement of quality as a primary goal through which it wishes to meet other business objective
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Design and Development: EURO PRAXIS

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Logo of EURO PRAXIS, responsible for the design and development of this website

The website of the European Development was designed and developed by the experienced Web development team of the Company EURO PRAXIS (

Technical Manager: Alexandros Mourouzis
Development Leader: Ioannis Tsampoulatidis


The website of European Development has been constructed on the basis of our principles for designing and developing web sites and applications, which are:

Functionality and accessibility for all. Our websites and web applications are designed according to international standards and rules to ensure accessibility to as many as possible types of Web users, regardless of:

  • the type of device used to visits our website (notebook, laptop, PDA, PC or mobile device etc.)
  • the browser and version of browser selected by the user to access the Internet (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • the use or not of assistive technologies, such as screen readers, special input devices, applications growth, etc.
  • the disability of the user, such as reduced vision, color blindness or other vision problems, etc.

There are at least three good reasons for creating accessible content (websites) on the Web:

  • to improve the lives of disabled people (humans, central incentives)
  • to draw a wider audience or customer base (commercial and financial center incentives)
  • to avoid lawsuits and / or bad press reports (incentives to focus on public relations and / or law)

All these may be good reasons. Accessible websites reach all these goals. These incentives listed in order from most to least altruistic altruistic. But if a site is accessible at the end, perhaps it is immaterial under what incentives it was implemented.

The technical specifications on this website are fully harmonized with international best practices, especially with the new version of the accessibility guidelines for Web (WCAG 2.0) to the maximum level of compliance (Level AAA).

Visibility and traffic. In EURO PRAXIS we focus on promoting the website and Search Engine Optimisaiton because we know that for the true success of your website, it is required to:

  • to give the site visitors
  • have the right visitors, i.e. people that you really target to
  • to attract a good percentage of visitors that will devote the necessary time to the site and meet the goal of the site, whether for information, registration, filling out a contact form, etc.

Usability and adaptability. Our websites and web applications are designed according to international standards and quality standards, such as ISO standards (International Standards Organisation), ensuring ease of use for the maximum possible number of users on the Web. However, the Internet and ICT are constantly evolving and changing. Users do come from different regions, backgrounds and cultures, and they evolve and change themselves. In EURO PRAXIS we know that user requirements change and different - we recognize diversity as a right. For this reason, in our websites and web applications, we incorporate the possibility of configuring and adapting on-the-fly the inteface settings of the site according to personal preferences and needs.

Aesthetics and attractiveness. The construction of accessible websites, including websites thta comply with the relevant guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), requires adequate training, systematic approaches and commitment to principles of universal access and equal opportunity. In many cases, despite the pure intention of the manufacturers, for the sake of accessibility for example, the aesthetics of the site are sacrificed. The success of EURO PRAXIS is thanks to the extencive training and experience of our Web development team and the aquired know-how of combining these principles with aesthetic design.

You have a vision, a goal. A website is an investment and expect return from it. Contact EURO PRAXIS to receive help you in achieve your goal: a successful website. Accessible, functional, and easy to use. A website that attracts and satisfies your visitors.

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